Medical Art

"Medical illustrations combine my love of art with science and healthcare"


I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  The multiple artistic interests allow me to visual in the most engaging way possible. My education has given me the expertise to combine my love of art with science and healthcare.

As a independent medical illustrator, I have been creating traditional and digital illustrations for medical journals, pharmaceutical marketing and texts from elementary level through high school and medical specialty. 

Accuracy and quality come first.

Over 10 years of experience for helping the client to achieve the best result.

  The illustration might include conducting supplementary research, and considering the combined impact of the illustration, design, text, and layout.
Whether your project is a Pharmaceutical Mechanism of Action (MOA) or groundbreaking biological process, by combining strong aesthetics with a focus on research and accuracy, I provide all you need to create unforgettable visualizations transforming ideas into compelling images. The result will be memorable and teachable.

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